The Headstone


The Headstone

Understanding The Headstone

The Headstone

HEADSTONE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL has been created and established to offer to the Christian Church of any denomination, in-depth teaching on, and preparation for a specific period in history referred to in the Bible as ‘THE TIMES OF THE SUMMING UP OF ALL THINGS IN CHRIST’; a period we are presently entering. This time will culminate in the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Marked by wars and rumors of wars, with great shaking occurring in the earth in every sphere of life, this epoch will be turbulent and volatile. However, for the true and authentic Church of God this time will be its greatest hour, a season marked by God’s Glory, Love and Power.

The tumult of this hour in history, will demand that a high caliber of authentic apostolic and prophetic leadership begin to arise, along with a radical passionate apostolic army of lovers of God, (2Pet. 3:11). This end-time army of God will be brought forth in travail to serve the purposes of the King, to complete His last Day campaign for the restoration of all things to His original intention.

The Pattern

When both the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple of Solomon were completed according to God’s specifications, the Glory of God filled the Temple. At The completion of the end-time Temple of Ezekiel’s vision, God’s declaration over it is ‘Yahweh Shamah’—THE LORD IS THERE!

“…the name of the city from that day shall be, ‘The LORD is there.” Ezekiel 48:35

Jesus is the Pattern of the House Of God and the Pattern of the New Man God has been fashioning over the centuries. For three years on this earth Jesus worked with the Father to prepare a corporate vessel fashioned in His very likeness. On the Day of Pentecost the vessel—one hundred and twenty saints, were ready to be filled with His Divine Life. The Holy Spirit fell and ‘Yahweh Shamah’ was written over the Temple of God.

Apostles were raised up and released to ensure that the blueprint remained true to the specifications of ‘The Christ’—the revealed pattern of God’s Temple. Over the following two thousand years, because of a variety of reasons, the Pattern became corrupted and misunderstood.

Jesus Christ is as vast in depth as our forever expanding universe—”O, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! “(Rom. 11:33). Yet every detail of the Temple is to be true to Him, nothing is left to chance or to flesh. Jesus is revealed in every page of the Word of God from Genesis to Revelations—He is the Word Of God!

Every detail of His first coming—the manner in which He came; the nation and culture He chose to born into—the body prepared for Him (Heb. 10:5); the life He lived and walked for thirty three years, the principles that He taught, and His death on the Cross—were meticulously prepared by the Trinity before the foundation of the earth and are vital parts to the Blueprint of the future habitation of God in corporate Man—if we Build what He built, He will return to fill it!

Over the span of History, since the time of Pentecost, key features of the blueprint were lost and are presently being restored. The Body of Christ has been a very divided Body, many having important ‘parts’ of the blueprint—believing that their part is the ‘whole’ counsel of God. Much of the Blueprint that was stolen, destroyed or corrupted by Satan relates to the chosen nation of Israel, women, the believer’s authority and the supernatural nature we have inherited in Christ.

In these last days God is working to bring the Body into a Holy Union with His Mind, His Heart—once again caught up in the momentum of His Will. The heavens are opening and the Body is receiving—as at the beginning—a fresh revelation of ‘The Christ.’

God is releasing us from the captivity of the mindset of religious pride, to build the Headstone—the final stage of His Temple as He ordained it to be built two thousand years ago. Over the centuries, precept has been built on precept preparing a chosen people in the last days to build the Headstone. Religion is being stripped away as the Body prepares to mount up with wings of eagles to fly once again in the Spirit.

At Headstone Ministries we believe that God has called us to facilitate in the preparation of this New Man and in the building of an end-time House fashioned after Christ. Our God loves diversity and many churches and denominations that have been birthed by Him will begin to reflect a more accurate picture of Christ without losing their uniqueness. This Body of Christ, permeated by the life of Christ and reflecting Him in Fullness will be the catalyst in the preparation for the return of Christ. Our Schools are presented in humility with an understanding that much will be added to it as Christ continues to be revealed through the many facets of His Body.


“He shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, Crying, Grace, grace unto it.” Zechariah 4-7 KJV

The Bride of Christ can be likened to a magnificent Diamond cut and shaped by God the Master Craftsman, designed to reflect the multifaceted and multidimensional virtues and attributes of Almighty God. She is a precious Stone, purchased at a great cost to Him. Fashioned and formed under great pressure in the fire of His Love, she emerges a most outstanding, prized and unique stone brought forth for His Royal Diadem for such a time!

Set against the backdrop of the darkness of the world, she lights up in a kaleidoscope of wonder and color. As the fiery Light of His Love touches her, her brilliance shoots forth it’s dancing rays of His Great Glory, enticing the world to approach and drink of this great marvel…

“That you may drink deeply and be delighted with the abundance of her glory” (Is. 66:11)

The Headstone of the temple of God is the Bride in completion, representing the fullness of the Glory and majesty of Christ—a Bride that has ‘Made herself Ready! ‘

The Headstone corresponds to the Holy of Holies—the Sanctuary the Holy Spirit is now preparing for the Lord’s return.