Preparing the Bride for the Lord’s return!


Yahweh’s House is an ongoing work begun by God the Father four thousand years ago on the soil of the life of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. The foundations were laid, the superstructure was brought forth at Pentecost and the preparations to build the final phase—the Headstone—has begun. The people of God are now being called to return and build as was Israel after their seventy years of captivity.

Our objective at Headstone Ministries is to impart revelation and understanding of the Headstone of the House of God through our resources and schools. We believe that by preparing His way in certain distinct areas, we can ‘hasten the day of His coming’ .

1. A Sanctuary is prepared to receive Him in a Holy union, built according to His mind and His Heart. Our objective is therefore:

  • Provide anointed teaching on the Headstone, to bring understanding of the breadth, depth and height of ‘The Christ’—the House of God. Our aim is to provide teaching tailored to building the House that will be joined with Christ in a Holy union in the last days—a House where upon completion He will declare Jehovah Shamah—Yahweh is there.
  • Bring revelation of Israel’s place in His end-time Sanctuary—the Body of the Christ.

2. A Bride is made ready that is without spot or wrinkle. Our objective is therefore to:

  • Bring understanding of the Father’s desire for a clean House through our teaching on ‘The Plumb Line.’ This teaching reveals the gates the enemy uses to regularly to defile the House of God, defile the servants of God and hinder their warfare against the kingdom of darkness.
  • Facilitate reconciliation and unification of the Body of Christ. We are dedicated to working towards the building of the Body of Christ in a Holy union with the Lord and with each other.

3. Israel is prepared to receive her King and declares, ”Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” Our objective is therefore to:

  • Bring revelation and understanding of God’s purposes for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, and the place of honor they hold in His Heart.
  • Provide in depth studies on Israel’s place in the House of God.
  • Connecting, developing and establishing solid relationships with Messianic leaders and communities in Israel.lick here to add text.

4. An army is trained and in position for the last battle to bring in the Harvest—”The harvest is the end of the age.” Jesus said to pray for harvesters. Our objective is therefore to:

  • Work to raisie up of a passionate vanguard who are able to advance ahead to break down barriers hindering the release of the Kingdom of God on earth.
  • To explore and study God’s methods of warfare as revealed in Scripture and to understand the authority we have as ambassadors of Christ.
  • Bring understanding of the many strategies and tactics the enemy has used in history and is presently using in retaliation against the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth.

5. Those called to intercede are trained and prepared to withstand the fire of the travail in prayer necessary to birth and open the passage into a new era in time, where Christ will reign on earth. Our objective is therefore to:

  • Expedite the release of women into ministry in all areas of the Body of Christ including leadership
  • Bring understanding by laying solid Biblical foundations on this issue.
  • Provide intensive training and teaching to women.
  • Release women in their gifting in all areas of ministry.

6. The Gospel is preached to the fullness of its time in preparation of the Harvest. Our objective:

  • Evangelizing through the preaching of the Gospel, and supporting ministries anointed and released by God as reapers in His harvest fields.
  • Ministry to the poor—giving and ministering to the poor as was commanded by Jesus