Mission & Mandate


Mission & Mandate

To Prepare & Equip the Saints!


Headstone Ministries has been created and established to offer to the Christian Church of any denomination, in-depth teaching on, and preparation for a specific period in history referred to in the Bible as ‘THE TIMES OF THE SUMMING UP OF ALL THINGS IN CHRIST’; a period we are presently entering. This time will culminate in the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Marked by wars and rumors of wars, with great shaking occurring in the earth in every sphere of life, this epoch will be turbulent and volatile. However, for the true and authentic Church of God this time will be its greatest hour, a season marked by God’s Glory, Love and Power.

The tumult of this hour in history, will demand that a high caliber of authentic apostolic and prophetic leadership begin to arise, along with a radical passionate apostolic army of lovers of God, (2Pet. 3:11). This end-time army of God will be brought forth in travail to serve the purposes of the King, to complete His last Day campaign for the restoration of all things to His original intention.

Equipping the Body of Christ through teaching and revelation, to stand & prevail through the Extreme Deception of the Times is a priority! Our purpose is to accomplish the vision by training an army of passionate revolutionary servants of God, who having caught the vision, will then become heralds to take it to the nations.


The Mandate of Headstone Ministry is to work with the Holy Spirit and unite with the Body of Christ to prepare the way of the Lord! Headstone Ministries has determined to be intentional about working with the Body of Christ in the Great Commission to disciple nations, and to train and equip forerunners to prepare the way of the Lord! Our intention is to:

ENLIGHTEN nations and the saints to the place of Israel in the Body of Christ, and establish solid ties with Messianic leaders
ADVANCE ahead to break down barriers to the release of the kingdom of God on earth
PROVIDE anointed teaching and training tailored to the preparation for the return of Christ and the building of His Temple
FACILITATE reconciliation and unification in the Body of Christ