invitations to speak


Inviting Faith & team

Inviting Faith or associates of the Headstone Ministries team  to speak and minister at churches, events & conferences not organized through Headstone Ministries:

Fees: Faith Marie Baczko and associates do not have any set speaking fee. We will receive an honorarium or  that an offering be received in the service. This gives the saints an oppurtunity to bless and partner in worship to God.

Travel: The host church or churches are responsible for the air fare for the Speaker and translator if needed, (We will make considerations for exceptional circumstances and conditions). The host church or churches are responsible for airport pick-ups and drop-offs and for transporting  the team back and forth to the services. The team will drive to your location if it is five hours or less We ask that these expenses be kept separate from the honorarium or offering.

Accommodations: The Hosting church takes care of accommodations either in a hotel or in a host home, that includes one meal for the  Headstone Ministries team.  Accommodations will be required for two or three persons.

Altar Ministry: Usually, at the end of service we will have a time of ministry in relation to the message and the moving of the Holy Spirit. Catchers: At least 2 catchers to catch as Faith Baczko and team minister.

Products: Tables: Headstone Ministry firmly believes in equipping and resourcing the Body of Christ and would like to have the opportunity to set up a product table in a visible location.

Workers: One or two experienced people to handle the product table and return sales money and left over products to the designated administrator. If you find our Booking Policy reasonable and agreeable please click on the application link below to provide us with your information and begin the process of partnering with Headstone Ministry to bring an anointed and inspiring  event to your church and city!