Faith Marie Baczko




In 1993 Faith Marie Baczko had a life transforming encounter with the Lord at her apartment in downtown Toronto.  In obedience to the Lord, she walked away from her career as fashion designer, and the store she had recently opened in the heart of Toronto.  When she asked the Lord what she would do, He said, “Write.”  Having no experience in writing, and no natural ability, something within Faith believed God and she chose to follow Him.

With her twelve-year-old son Jesse, Faith followed the Lord to a small village outside of Toronto.  There the Lord began her training and cleansing in His refining fire, there also He began to teach her about His House, and the completing work on His House—the Headstone or Capstone.

After losing her son in a tragic car accident in 2006, the Lord gave Faith the gift of a partner and husband; she married Frank, and together they fellowship and minister at Catch the Fire Toronto.  Shortly after their marriage, they launched Headstone Ministries to facilitate their ministry to the Lord.  Faith and Frank’s passion is to see the House of God aligned to the Plumbline of Christ and for the saints to rise up to the fullness of their destiny in Christ, to prepare the way of the LORD.

Faith is an ordained pastor through the Partners in Harvest Network of Churches, She is a prophetic teacher, now speaking and ministering internationally in the Body of Christ.  Faith has held many conferences & Seminars in South America and the Caribbean and her books and teachings are now all available in Spanish.

Having sat at the Lord’s feet for many years receiving the revelation on the Headstone of the Temple of God and the Mysteries of  Israel, He has now released her to bring this timely word, to the Body of Christ.  Like the women at the tomb, she has also received the command to, “Go and tell…” (Matt. 28).

Faith Marie Baczko is available to speak at your church, and to hold schools & seminars focused on:

  • Discovering the dynamics our God-given identity in Christ for ‘Such a time.’
  • The significance of Israel in God’s purposes & plans
  • The Significance of God’s plan for women in the last days
  • Becoming a Bride ready for the Master
  • The dynamics of the Headstone generation who prepares the way for the King

Dr Felipe Gonzalez:  As the President of the Hispanic Pastor’s Association and as a member of the Apostolic Team of Toronto, it is with absolute confidence and great respect that I submit a recommendation for Faith Marie Baczko.

I have worked and travelled alongside Faith and her translator for approximately three years. On these trips, I have seen her dedication and devotion firsthand. She has a tireless work ethic and a loving, positive attitude that is transmitted to her ministry team as well as anyone she encounters during these travels.

Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I have witnessed Faith’s ability to release teachings that change not only the atmosphere but the hearts of the leaders as she calls for transformation and the equipping of the saints before Jesus’ Return.

Although Faith’s first language is not Spanish, I see a great call on her life for the Latin American nations, and I see her establishing a base in one of these nations to strategically prepare and equip nationals to run with this timely and anointed message.

Faith has shown herself to be honorable, steadfast and obedient to all that God has called her to accomplish and has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge that she has encountered in ministry.

Dr Juanita Lubin – Itinerant Minister:   The work of a lifetime, takes a lifetime to evolve. Faith Marie Baczko, through her prophetic eyes, has her finger on the pulse of what God is revealing to His Body at the present time. I believe that the phrase that best describes her ministry is, ‘For such a time.’



There will be neither Wind nor Rain

But the Valley will be filled with Water!