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After many, many long years of preparation through the fire of God’s refining process, the long awaited release came; a shift occurred in January 2012 breaking open the way and doors suddenly began to open for our ministry to go forth. Within the first quarter of that year, Headstone ministries held our first series of meetings in Guayaquil, Ecuador; our first school in Toronto – Revelations of the Headstone, The Bride Makes Herself Ready, and our first conference within the Spanish community of churches – La Plomada, also in Toronto. Each event went far beyond our expectations as both the response and the fruit were tremendous, and even more significantly, they had God’s endorsement, backing and confirmation every step of the way.

When I first heard the call of God on my life, I was a young struggling single mom with aspirations of becoming a famous fashion designer. I have carefully listened and been obedient to follow the Lord through twenty years of much testing and fire, and the Lord has now said, “Go and tell my disciples,” and gave me the Scripture in 2 Timothy 2:2, “You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.” We have launched Headstone Ministries and Leaders Schools of the Last Wine in order to release this body of work.

Headstone Ministries

Headstone Ministries carries important revelations to awaken, inspire and to prepare the Body of Christ, for the crucial hour leading up to the return of Christ. During these times, the Body will see the fullness of its inheritance released, as the Bride is crowned with the fullness of His Glory. However, these times will also be a most volatile and turbulent period requiring Divine insight, wisdom and guidance.

Headstone ministries has prepared seven schools based on The Headstone Series of books. These schools can be presented in the form of conferences, schools or seminars depending on the variables. Our Schools bring a message of urgency for the Body to be prepared as a vessel of gold, strong in the Lord, and ready for the master’s use (2Tim. 2:21), and for nations to grasp the truth that their destinies will be determined by their relationship to Israel. Our school The Revelation brings much understanding of the significance of Israel to the plans of God’s that have already been fulfilled and are yet to be fulfilled! God has given us a mandate to take this message to the Spanish nations of the world and we now have a Spanish website: www.lapiedraprincipal.com.

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Headstone Presentation:

We have prepared a one hour presentation highlighting the chief facets of this ministry, to bring enlightenment as to its significance. We welcome invitations to bring this presentation to pastors, leaders of churches of all denominations, leaders of ministries, Christian marketplace organizations and businesses, and very importantly to prayer ministries and intercessory groups.

Our message is for the Body of Christ and goes beyond denominational lines and barriers. We believe it is time to end the night of wrong characterized by disunity as stated in William Merrill’s inspiring poem. I pray that you will not miss the opportunity to receive this important word!

Faith Marie Baczko

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